Days 57 – 61

June 2, 2014

Block 3 is now underway.

Nothing new here just continue to press play each day.

Diet continues to be a mix of 25%Carbs, 40%Protien, 35%Fat.




Day 50 – 56 (Recovery Week)

May 27, 2014

I spent most of the Recovery Week on vacation, which means tons of projects around the house and cottage.  From painting to cleaning, mowing, landscaping, you name it, I probably did it.  During this time I only did the two workouts in recovery week that are not recovery based.  Accelerator and CVX.  I skipped the Dynamix, Isometrix, Yoga and Pilates days as I was busy from sun up to sun down on various projects.  Phase/Block 3 of the 90 days starts today so I will be back at it on a daily basis again.

Days 45 thru 49

May 20, 2014

So it is getting harder to post each day due to some work issues.   7 weeks have been completed and I am now through Phase 1 and Phase 2 of P90X3.  This coming week is another rest and recovery week and it coincides with Memorial Day weekend nicely.  So I will be out of town for 5 days and will have to take a couple of the recovery week disks with me to stay on track. 

At the halfway point I weighed in at an even 177lbs.  According to my scale the body fat was at 24% so still plenty of ways to go.

I think my favorite routine is the Dynamix at this point.  Simply due to the fact that when Tony asks the question: P90X3 makes you do what?  Shannon replies:  Elongate?  Too damn funny.   But Tony keeps his composure and after a slight pause moves on.  

Shannon also zings Tony during the Side Banana with the whole Banana Hammock thing.  Plus Tony sings the Polka stretch song, and he openly mocks an Olympic athlete because he “Ran for the Queen”.   He also makes fun of the Asian guy several times for making “Hero poses” as he does the workout.  I am surprised he did not mention the guys poor driving skills as well.

Anyways, during the next 6 weeks I still need to drop 12 more pounds to get to the 165 target I set for myself.  That is about 2lbs a week and is going to require a better diet and fewer Margaritas and beers on the weekends.  I will continue to update as frequently has possible, hopefully getting back to daily updates soon.


Day 43 and 44

May 15, 2014

Day 43: Eccentric Upper – Bumped up the weights on this thing again, but the real issue is the pull-ups.  I just can’t seem to get past the 6 or 7 mark on each of them.  (10 is what they shoot for)

Day 44: Triometrix – Ouch.  This thing just crushes the lower body for 30 minutes.  More squats and lunges wrapped in Tony’s douchebag dialog.   Plus we have to look at that nasty hunk of gristle Dreya Weber.  She looks awful in this thing. 

Today was a Weigh Day.  Tipped in at 177.2  The downward trend continues.

Days 39 – 42

May 12, 2014

Day 39 – Eccentric Lower: Added to the weights on each move.

Day 40 – Incinerator: Increased weights to 20lb dumbells from 15’s and to 8lb dumbells from 5lb

Day 41 – MMX: This thing is great, but all the sprawling hurts the lower back still.  I really need to get this issue cleared up as it keeps me from getting everything out of the workouts.

Day 42 – Dynamix: What is not to like.  Good stretches and work up an easy sweat.  (I did this on the same day as MMX so I could take the real day 42 off)

I have now competed the first 6 weeks of the program.  Weigh-in will not be for another 2 days, but I am guessing that I am down about 9 to 10 pounds.   Still need to trim more of the fat.  3 days away from the halfway point.  I am not feeling the desire to quit the program like I had with the original P90x, and I think that has to do with the shorter workouts.

I will give full update of stats on Day 45 (halfway).

Day 38 – Yoga X

May 9, 2014

Another chance to practice my Yoga, and guess what?  It still sucks.  I am only making the smallest of incremental improvements on the twisting half moons and several other poses.  What I need is some hot chick in yoga pants grasping me firmly and holding me in the proper position. 

Nevermind… that would end badly as well.

Day 34 thru 37

May 8, 2014

Day 34: MMX – First time doing this workout.  Pretty tough.  Makes the original P90X Kenpo look like riding an eliptical machine for 30 minutes.  One issue with this workout is all of the sprawls.  If you have lower back issues, these things are very painful.  So instead of jumping back into them, I ended up having to step back into them once the pain set in.  Otherwise this is a great workout and you will be sweating at the end of your 30 minutes.

Day 35: Dynamix – Been there done that already.  Great recovery routine.

Day 36: Upper Eccentric – Second time through this.  Increased the weights this time.

Day 37: Triometrix – Second time through this one as well.  This is a killer on the quads. Had to stop several times and shake out the legs as the burning was too much.  Especially on the Warrior 3 Squats.  Holy Crap.

Wednesday Weigh-In:  178.2  Whoo hoo.