Off we go…

Some friends at the office have been talkin shit about the work out program they are doing… P90X.  So the challenge has been thrown down, attempt to find my former 6-Pack abs.  I know where they are,  I have been hiding them under the Jell-o that is my belly.   See, if I didn’t hide them, all the young hotties would be like “Damn, who is that hot mo-fo grandpa dude hanging out over there.  Tell him to set the walker to the side…. I gots to get me some of that.”  

Now I have to get my hands on the P90X workout program and some tools of the trade.   So I visited the BeachBody web page and that shit is expensive!!!  I might as well just go down to the hospital and get freakin liposuction for that price.   3 easy payments of 39.99 plus 15 bones for shipping.. WTF?  Thats $135 just to get started, or $1.50 per day for the 90 days.  Shit, that fat hog Susan Sommers could feed a pack of starving ethiopians for 6 months on that coin.  And what is up with the $15 shipping and handling? Are you shipping that shit in a gold plated box?  Its some DVDS and some books, not a Ming Vase.  Stick the dvds inside the pages of the book, wrap it a few times with Duct tape, slap a couple of stamps on it and drop it in the mail!!

I guess I know what I will be doing the next few days…. inviting myself over to my friends house so I can secretly steal his copies while he is out fetching me cold beers while we watch the game.  Hopefully I can steal the entire set before November 29th, cause thats when I want to start.


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