Some progress being made

So I was able to lift 7 of the 12 disks off of the guy from the office, and I should be able to snag the remaining 5 when I break in this weekend.  Just kidding.   I only steal things legally, that’s right… off the internet.  So I surfed on over to the home of all things counterfeit, eBay, and began “shopping” by searching on P90X.  Right away I am bombarded with tons of crap that I could care less about, I am looking for the cheapest workout set I can find, not elastic bands and protein bars.  Who the fuck sells 1 protein bar.  I should bid that thing up to like $100 so the dude thinks he is making a killing, then get his address with my fake payment request and drive over and punch his mustache off. Douchebag.

So I keep on shopping and I happen upon the deal of the day!  $39.00 for a complete P90X home fitness set, buy it now.  I nearly come in my pj’s with excitement!!  So I click on the link and what do you know.. seller is from frickin China!  Now the last thing I need is to have some slant assed Tony Horton look alike screaming “oh me so horny, me love you long time” on my workout DVD’s.   Cancel that order.  Needless to say, I am still looking for that perfect deal, until then I will have to keep working on stealing the entire set off of the guy from the office.  While I am surfin the web, I might as well play with my wiener, its a nine pounder.   Maybe I will post a picture of my wiener on the blog.  That will get the bitches rollin in to the site.


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