DVD’s secured…

I finally have my hands on the full set of P90X dvd’s at a price that was right.  I spotted a garage sale going down on my way home from work yesterday.  Being the high quality shopper that I am, I cut across 3 lanes of traffic, waving my favorite hand gesture the entire time and pull into the driveway where the sales are going hot and heavy.  As I walk through the tables of junk for sale what do I spy?  Damn right, a full set of P90X DVD’s, and judging by the way the overstuft honey working the cashbox looks, these things were “gently” used.   So I pick them up and see they are priced at $30.  Well this IS a garage sale so everything is marked up at least 300%.   So I quickly offer the troll at the cashbox $0.50 for the whole set.  She  counters with $20, (mistake lady, you dropped $10 right away….)  So I counter with $1 for the set, and add in “They probably won’t even play”.  I am instantly met with “I am pretty sure they all work” (as if she had ever even viewed them, her eyeballs even looked overweight)  but I think I can go to $15.   OK, she has now dropped the price 50% from $30 to $15 and I have not even started haggling yet.   Next I pull out the old “I think I saw a copy of these available at the Goodwill store, maybe I will go check there again.  As I turn around to put the DVD’s back down where I got them she says “How about $10?”   I quickly reply,  “Will ya take $5?”  After much thinking and fingering of troll beads, the deal is done.  $5 bucks for the entire set.   Now we move on to the chin-up bar and other suggested accessories.   I am thinking hot pink spandex pants and lime green muscle shirt for work-out gear, a trip to Wal-Mart is in my future….


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