Push-Up stands and a trial run

Last night I did a trial run of the Plyometrics and Ab-RipperX disks.  After carefully wiping the leftover troll juice off of the disks, I popped in the Plyo-X and figured I would just do about 20 minutes.   First lesson learned:  No need for Sweatpants.  Holy mother of satan did my legs get hot.  I ended up doing about 25 minutes worth, and I have to admit, the guys at the office were right.  Do a few trial runs of each of the workouts first.  If I had simply waited til my official start date of Nov. 29th and jumped in full blown, I think my legs would have fallen off.  

I then did half of the Ab-Ripper X routine. (8 minutes or so)  Again, good idea to ease into this prior to “officially” starting the program.  Was able to stick with Tony (by the way, what a d-bag he is) but was starting to fade a little at the 8 minute mark. 

Another tip from the boys was to get myself a set of push-up stands.  I had completed the 100Pushups workout in a past life, and remembered my wrists getting sore then.  The recommended stand by several people was “The Perfect Pushup” by RONCO… OK maybe not Ronco but I do remember seeing a infomercial on them.   Several stores in town had them for anywhere from $24.99 to $19.99.   How to find them cheaper?  Easy…. Craigslist.  A quick search led me to a set for $10 locally.  The normal “hardly used” tag was on them, so I figured they had about 1 Million hours of use on them.  I contact the guy, get the address and go over.  Heck, the things are still in the box and wrapped.  The dude looks a little shifty so I ask him where he got them.  He breaks into a big greasy smile and says “Internet”.  Based on his crappy wardrobe and kick-ass mullett, my guess was he lifted them off the delivery truck he was unloading at Wal-Mart.  I notice about 6 other boxes of “The Perfect Pushup” in the corner of his garage, along with several other items still in the box.   So I figure I would take a stab in the dark and see if I can get a better deal.   I offer $5.   The Joe Dirt look-alike brings out the greasy smile and says.  “Nope, $10″    Right away I can see that I may not be able to get the guy to move on the price. 

So I go to tactic #2, discuss something that he thinks we may have in common.  In the driveway is a ratty old Camaro that you just know he is DAMN proud of.   I lead with ” I used to have an 84 IROC-Z like that, wish I never would have sold it”   BINGO!!  New best friend… So we chat for 30 minutes about the glorious virtues of the bitchin Camaro and tell stories (mine completely made up) about races won and tires burned off.  

Time to close the deal…. So I hand him back the box of Perfect Pushups and say “Thanks anyways” and start to head out.  I get no more than 2 steps away and what do I hear?  Joe Dirt sayin… Well, I guess I will take $5.   I turn and dig into my pocket for the cash, (all in crumpled up ones) count out 5 and say “oh thanks alot buddy!!!  As I drive off with my new Perfect Pushups I can’t help but think  “America, what a country!!!”


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