Accessories obtained

Going through the rest of the DVD’s on a trial run led me to go out and get the following items.  Hex weights.  Hitting pause to change plates on the dumbells sucks sweaty ballsacks, so I went out and got a set of Hex dumbells in the 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25lb sizes.   Have not been able to find an in-door (no holes drilled) chin-up bar that fits in a 36 inch door opening.  (Well there is one on the internet, but it is $75 plus shipping.  As you have seen from former posts, I am way to much of a tightwad to blow $75 on that when a perfectly good crack whore can be had for $20.   So I pimped a couple of the elastic bands and those will have to do until I can find a better deal on a chin-up bar.

I am now going through a second series of trial runs prior to the Nov 29th start date.  Good thing too,  because the second time of doing chest and back was much better.  It still whipped my ass like a little schoolgirl, but I was able to figure out the best weights and reps for me.  12 reps of everything push-up wise appears about right (except the diamond pushups, those things tear up my wrists and I could only get thru 7 or 8)  15 was too many by the second round.  For the pull-ups, 15 reps of everything was ok, using the bands.  Real pullups would be much more difficult to do.  With all the dumbell work, 10lbs was to light for the weights, so I will be starting with 15’s on all that stuff.

Today will be 2nd time trying Plyo-X.  Last time I did 20 minutes and my legs felt like crap the next two days.  I will attempt to go through most of it so that I know what to expect once the real 90 days start.

Last but not least is the diet.  I have been using The Daily Plate to track the diet portion and it has been super tough to get to 50% protein, 30% carbs, 20% fat.  I have been averaging about 45% carbs, 30% protein, 25% fat.   I think some whey protein will help bring up the protein amounts.  My breakfast gets me off on the wrong mix and I spend the rest of the day trying to get it back on track.  Orange Juice has lots of carbs, but I love it.  Plus a coffee with cream and sugar is my only vice.  1 per day, but that screws up the percentages even more.   The diet will be the hardest part of this, and the first 30 days will be the WORST.  After that the carbs come up so I should be able to stay on track.


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