Plyo – trial run two

Yesterday I did a second trial run of Plyo-X.   I got  75% of the way through and that was good enough for me.  Still a little sore from the chest and back the day before.   Some of the DVD’s have been freezing up occasionally on one of my players.  Must be the revenge of the Troll woman I skanked them off of.    I am converting the DVD’s to quicktime movies using my PC and I will just play them on my laptop.  No freezing up that way.  

My legs are not sore at all like they were last time I trial ran the Plyo workout.  Doing the trial run has been very good at getting me ramped up to the level needed on Nov 29th when I start my 90 days.   Thanksgiving is just a couple days away and once the holiday is over it will be time to get started.


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