Day 5 – Legs and Back

This one should be called Lunge and Back.  Kneel down, stand up, Kneel down, stand up, repeat 5000 times.  Throw in about 100 chin-ups just to make things fun,  now bend down again.  For those of us who have had knee surgery, this is not the most fun of ways to work out the legs.   Wall sits and single leg wall sits, and lunge left and lunge right and lunge over and puke. Oh yeah, and when you are done its time for Ab RipperX.  I am improving each time on the Ab Ripper and have increased to more than 20 of each of the excercises.  Even managed to do 30 Mason Twists.

Diet:  Carbs 43%  Protein 38%  Fat 19%.  I am able to keep the fat level down, but the carbs are still to high.  The extra large OJ I drink each morning is mostly to blame, but I can not give it up.   KenpoX tomorrow.


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