Day 6 – Kenpo

Okay, I have been reading plenty of blogs about P90X and how Kenpo is to easy, blah blah blah.   I felt the workout was good enough if done properly.  Using full moves and really swinging the hips and elbows through.  So I really made sure that I put full effort into each move and attempted to get my legs up and out on each of the kicks.   (Did I mention earlier that I am not very flexible?)

Well, the next day is what really convinced me that even if the workout seemed a little easier, the screaming pain from my calfs and from behind my knees thought differently.   I could barely walk my calfs burned so badly.   If I kept moving/walking around it would go away, but as soon as I sat my jello ass down for longer than 5 minutes, my legs would scream at me when I got back up to move around.

Off day was nice.  recovered from the sore legs and knees.  Managed to stay at less than 20% fat on my diet and got pretty close to the 50/30/20 each of the past 3 days.


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