Day 9 – Plyometrics Week 2

Completed the Plyometrics week 2 and was able to stick with it for almost all of the DVD.  Moved to the basement so that my jumping around like a dipshit on a pogo stick would not cause things to fall off the shelves upstairs.  Downstairs has a little less room and so I smashed a finger on the ceiling doing jump squats.  So I had about a 1 minute break so I could cuss like a tourettes patient on crack.  Once that was out of the way things went pretty smoothly. 

I had to change my breakfast habits a bit to keep the fat down and the protein up.  I now have a bowl of cereal with milk and juice, along with a whey protein shake.  That way I start out the day at about a 50% carbs, 40% protein, and 10% fat mix.  I then work in more protein throughout the day to try to get to the 50/30/20 split.  (usually more like 45/35/15) but as long as I am keeping the fat below 20 I am OK with  the higher carbs lower protein.  Over the first 9 days of the program I have been averaging 2048 Total calories per day and 1500 Net calories per day.

My energy has been good and I am sleeping much better.  Staying away from any type of soft drinks and snacks.  With it being Christmas time, there is plenty of Chex mix rolling around the house, but I simply end up eating the almonds that the kids don’t want.   Shoulders and Arms today, my favorite of the routines so far, so I am looking forward to it.


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