Day 10 – Shoulders and Arms II

Shoulders and Arms the second time through was just as good as the first time.  It is a well paced workout and Tony is almost tolerable in this one.   I upped the weights on most of the curls to 20lbs each and on some of the flys to 15lbs each.   I need to get some 25lb dumbells as I could move up another 5 lbs on most of the curls and presses.

AbRipper X still sucks sweaty ballsacks and I hate “Pulse Ups” as they kill my back.  Was able to do all 25 of each excercise and 35 mason twists at the end.  Within a week or so, I should be able to do the entire thing at the same pace as the DVD and do all the reps.

Diet and Nutrition:  Made some changes to my breakfast meal each day and have had a much easier time with meeting the < 20% Fat specification.  My breakfast now leaves me at 50% Carbs, 45%Protein, and 5%Fat.  I can then work in some other foods as snacks or meals that work the carbs down slightly, while increasing the Protein and Fat.   I have not felt hungry very often and when I do, I just use a 1/2 cup of cottage cheese, of almonds, or a string cheese for a snack.   That seems to take care of it.  I also play hockey one night a week and on that night, my hockey seems to be struggling a little bit.  I think it is because  I complete my workout about 90 minutes prior to the game.  Just not enough time to get a good rest and refill the tank. 

Yoga X tomorrow.  Time to bend like a pretzel and try not to accidentally T-Bag myself.


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