Day 11 – Yoga X II

Second time through for the Yoga and I still completely suck at it.  I think it has to do with my breathing, I find that I hold my breath when doing the moves or something.  It is probably just my body attempting to commit suicide because it does not want to do all that freaking twisting and bending.    I managed to struggle through all the poses and even did about 8 to 10 seconds of crane.  

Instead of doing the yoga in sweatpants and socks,  I switched to shorts and bare feet.  Big difference, no struggling to keep from sliding and my legs did not get so damn hot this time.   I can dig my toes into the carpet to keep from sliding, but there are times you want to slide your foot and then I get stuck and have to take a step instead.   Another thing about yoga, it makes me fart!  Twisting and turning in a pool of your own ass stench is just no fun. I end up taking 15 second breaks to wave a towel to get the air moving.   Good thing I don’t do this at the gym, they might revoke my membership.


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