Day 12 – Legs and Back II

Second time through the entire Legs and Back workout, and I was able to keep up with Tony the D-bag and the rest of the P90X crew.   Is it just me, or is some of the shit Tony talks about completely stupid.  “Time for Karens famous pot-stirrers, what kind of soup you makin?”  Who the fuck is Karen?  And let me tell you T-Bag Tony, I am thinking of whipping up a nice kettle of dipshit stew, and guess who is going to be the main ingredient?  I may throw in a little bull-dyke Dreya meat as well.   I would love to see that chick in the pink with the weight bands just wrap one around his neck and pull tight for a few seconds.

Wall-sits and one-leg wall sits are great, and the chair salutations are pretty tough to.  Listening to my iPod and tuning out Tony makes those excercises go much faster.   And is it just me, or is Dreya and Tony hardly even bending their knees in the wall sit.  Looks like they are sitting in an ejector seat or something, get that ass down and bend those legs bitches.

Ab-Ripper X is getting easier each time.  I can now do all 25 of everything and 40 mason-twists.  I touch my feet down 2 times during Fifer Scissors and I have to pause during the pulse-ups as those things absolutely kill my lower back.  No idea why, cause none of the other stuff bothers my back.   

Diet:  According to the Daily Plate I have consumed 16,000 calories less than what was needed to stay at my original weight with a heavy activity lifestyle.   I guess it takes 3,500 calories to burn off 1 pound of body fat, so in my 12 days I have in theory lost about 4.5 pounds of fat.   I am not planning on weighing myself at all, until the first 30 days are completed.   I have been able to keep the fat % of my daily meals below 20%, but the carbs and protein are about 42 to 46 percent each.


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