Day 13 – KenpoX II

This week was the second time doing the Kenpo DVD all the way through.  Last time my calfs hurt so bad the next day I could barely walk.  This time I did double the stretching before starting and double the stretch after completing the workout.  No pain the next day.

As for the workout, I am able to keep up with this workout pretty easily for the most part.  The side kicks give me some problems due to flexibility, but with Yoga and stretching, I have been able to get better at it.  I can now touch my fingertips to the ground on a straight forward  reach to touch my toes.  Two weeks ago I was about 4 to 5 inches from reaching my toes.   Big improvement.   So I am happy with that.

Diet has stayed on track.  Keeping the fat below 20% and the calories below 2000 each day.


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