Day 14 – Rest?? Chest and Back

Today was supposed to be my rest day, but I have a hockey game tomorrow night and doing both a P90X workout and playing hockey the same night has been a bit to much.   So instead of resting, I decided to move my Chest and Back workout up to today. 

I was able to increase the reps and/or weights on each of the excercises.  I am up to 12 each on all of the push-ups (both sets) and increased the weight to 20lbs (biggest dumbells I have) on all weight based exercises.   The diamond and divebombers are still very hard to make all the reps, I have to stop several times to rest on the divebombers but eventually get them done.   The diamond ones bother my wrists, but I have been able to get through them OK.

Ab-Ripper gets better each time I do it.  Only the pulse-ups give me problems, as they kill my back.  I can do 45 of the Mason twists at the end, and do not have to pause the DVD for any of the excercises except the Pulse-ups.  

I will make Sunday my rest day and play hockey on Sunday night, so it won’t really be a complete rest day.  I am hoping that I will have more energy to skate that usual, as I usually play hockey the same night as I do Chest and Back, or Legs and Back.


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