Day 16 – Plyometrics III

Time for another session of Plyometrics with Pam the Blam and Peg Leg Sam….. Sounds like a saturday morning cartoon from the 70’s.  Week 3 plyometrics was yet another improvement over the previous week.  For starters I was able to keep my iPod on the entire time as I now know how to do all of the various excercises.  Not having to listen to Tony is a plus, and flashing back to the 80’s and early 90’s on the iPod makes me think I am 20 again.  

Is it just me, or does todays music lick camels balls?  It all sounds like fucking American Idol or gangsta wanna be bullshit to me.  Anyone who is caught watching that show, or worse yet voting on it, should instantly have each of their eardrums surgically removed.  That way they will not have to fuck up what is played on radio for the rest of us for the next year.  

Sorry, got off track there for a second…. Even though I am getting better at this workout, it still kicks my ass like a US Marine boot stomping a fucking French Foreign Legionair.   By half way though I am drenched in sweat and totally cussing out Tony the T-bagger.   This week my legs were hurting from playing hockey the night before, so I was already tired before I even started the workout.  Usually when I am tired before a workout, it takes about 10 minutes or so and I am feeling better and ready to go.  Not this time, my dogs were barking from the word go, and never let up until the end.  

Shoulders and Arms tomorrow, followed later that night by my last hockey game until after the new year.   From there until the end of the month, it is nothing but P90X on the schedule. 


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