Day 17 – Shoulders and Arms

Another great session of P90X completed today.  Increased the weight amounts on almost all of the excercises to 20lbs dumbells each.  I am now doing 12 reps of 20lbs for all of the curls and presses, and 12 reps of 15 lbs for all of the tricep kickbacks. (except the lying down ones, which are 20’s)   I really need to get off my ass and get some 25lb hex dumbells purchased, either that or just get out my old plate dumbells and set up a couple of 25’s.  

Carbs are still my mortal enemy on the diet side.  I have been keeping the fat down below 20% with ease, but the carbs have been in the 40% range.  The whey protein shake in the morning helps with the protein.  Two and a half scoops of powder mixed in about four ounces of water makes a nice thick double chocolate syrup.  Mix that into a couple of cups of coffee over the morning hours and 60g of protein is yours.  Makes the coffee taste like a crappy Cafe Mocha, but it is the best way I have found to drink the whey protein. 

According to the Daily Plate where I key in all of the stuff I eat each day (I highly recommend doing this, as it really keeps you watching what you eat) I have averaged 2,100 gross calories per day, and 1,500 net calories per day.  I am no diet expert (I have never been on one before) but I have to believe that 1,500 net per day is pretty good.   According to the site, I needed 2600 just to maintain my current weight at a sedintary lifestyle pace.


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