Day 19 – Legs and Back

Back on track today with Legs and Back and Abs.   As week 3 draws to a close, the workouts are definately feeling much easier to get through.  I added more weight to several of the lunges and was able to complete every set with either as many or more reps than Tony and Dreya the man/woman hybrid.  Favorite part of the video is at the end when douchebag Tony goes to give the hot chick with the bands a high five and she lets go of the band and the handle smacks him right in his dick muncher.  

I completed all 349 ab-ripper moves for the first time as well.  It works better for me if I go at my own pace.  So at the beginning I go faster than the DVD, but eventually they catch up and we finish with Mason Twists at the same time.   I have been using the P90Xcel spreadsheet, but it does not have a graph for the Abs section.   The rest of the spreadsheet is awesome for tracking results and viewing schedules.  

Nutrition: I have been getting better at keeping the carbs down and have been at the 50 protein, 35 carbs and 15 fat level for the percentages for the past couple of days.  Kenpo is tonight and then I will have to make up Yoga on Saturday as I missed it on Wednesday.


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