Day 21 – YogaX makeup

Day 21 was supposed to be a rest day, but because I skipped Yoga on Wednesday due to other commitments, I had to get my ass down to the basement and cuss at the TV for 90 minutes.  I really do not like Yoga.  There are times in it where I actually do OK, and I have gotten a bit more flexible.  But for fuck sake dude, I really do not feel like doing 50 vinyasa’s into upward dog, into plank, into downward dog, into flying fucking heel, into runners pose, into Warrior I, II or III, into Reverse Warrior, into Triangle, into half moon into whatever else the fuck they are doing. 

Basically I have to stumble into various positions that my hamstrings or lower back really scream at me not to try and do.    At least now I can touch my fingers to the floor when I have a wide stance and bend over.  But for the most part I have to pick my foot up with my hands and place it to where they are suggesting.   Enough bitching about it, I will just have to keep working on it.

This marks the completion of 3 weeks of P90X.  Week 4 is supposedly a rest week.  It is supposed to start tomorrow with Yoga X, but because I did Yoga X today, I am going to substitute in CardioX and Ab-RipperX instead.   There is 1 week remaining before the 30 day picture comparison.  I have definately lost some weight, how much I don’t know because I am not going to weigh myself until the 30 day mark.   Some of the jello has been removed from the Abs area,  probably the strawberry layer.  Of course that still leaves the lime, lemon, orange, cherry, and raspberry flavors to go.


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