Day 23 – Core Synergistics

First time through the Core Synergistics workout and I have to say, that it is probably one of my favorites.  It keeps you moving and there are not a lot of breaks in the action for Tony to begin talking and ruin it.   This disk has the return of Pam “They call her the Blam” Moore and the leapfrog boy, whatever the fuck his name is.   It also contains the very muscular and bull dike-ish looking Dreya Weber, arialist extrordinaire and all around awsome person according to Tony.   Just nail her and get it over with Tony, good god your like a high school freshman whose all worked up over the homecoming queen.    She is not that hot dude.

The workout starts with some new push-ups that are slightly different than some we have seen before, and that is followed up by banana rolls.  Unfortunately this excercise did not require me to remove my shorts, so that was one disappointment to the workout.   That led into some lunges and then some squats, followed by more push-ups (Sphinx Push Ups,  when I heard the name I thought he said sphincter push-ups and was expecting Richard Simmons to come out and lead the excercise)   These were followed by some moves we saw in Yoga Belly 7 and then more lunges and squats that are hidden behind fun names that make you want to do them…. NOT. 

Prison Cell Push-ups were not nearly as tough as other bloggers have made them out to be, but the Plank to Chaturanga Runs… now those things sucked.   At first they resemble good old mountain climbers, but then you go down and keep your chest and inch off the ground while still trying to move your legs like you are running.  Kind of looks like a spider trying to hump a flea.  Then you push back to plank and keep the legs moving, then down, then up then down again until you either puke or collapse and smash your balls on the hard floor. 

The last segment of the workout contains more push-ups, lunges and squats all with neat little names that make you happy to do them.  Another disappointment was the Dreya roll.  I was really expecting two italian thugs to show up and clock her in the head and steal her wallet.  But no, just another nearly impossible to pull off excercise.  

Smelling like a japanese pimp.This is probably the best full-body workout of the group, and in my case one of the most fun and challenging.   The fact that there are only a couple of breaks and most of the excercises are simple to follow really helps make this workout one of the best in the P90X series.   Tomorrow is Kenpo, time to break out my Hai Karate aftershave and get to kickin some serious ass.


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