Day 24 – Kenpo

Recovery week and its Kenpo on Tuesday instead of Plyometrics.  Kenpo is a much easier work out, but I have added some hand weights to some of the excercises and it really helps make it more intense.    For some reason while doing this workout, I always want to “Sweep the Leg”. Then late last night I was watching old re-runs on TBS and it all became crystal clear.  I had no idea that Tony was a member of the Kobra Kai. 

Tomorrow the schedule says XStretch, so that will be a new one for me.  I am getting a  bit more flexible as I can now easily touch the floor with my fingers doing the stretches. (when I started I was a good 4 or 5 inches away)    So maybe that Yoga is having an effect on me.  Well I have to cut this entry short… I am going to spend some time harnessing my Chi.


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