Day 26 – Core Synergistics

Whoo hoo… I love this thing.  One of my favorites, even though I spend much of the disk yelling at Tony to go fuck himself.  What the sam hell is he trying to do to me on the Superman Banana’s?  He switches from one to the other so frickin fast that I might as well just lay on the floor and roll around like an infant that hasn’t learned to crawl yet. Superman, Banana, Superman, Banana, Superman, Banana… The next thing you know, I’ve rolled over to the stairs and have tumbled down the entire set.   Biff, bam, pow, smack, ouch, what the fuck?  How did I get down here? 

And the Dreya Roll, why does that she-male get her own excercise named after her?  We used to do these things as kids and I am pretty damn sure we did not call them Dreya Rolls!!!  I think they were called something like “I forgot to take my Ritalin today Rolls”.    And the Table Dip Leg Raises, thanks to those damn things I could barely move my wrist for an entire day. 

Anyways, Core Synergistics was hardly the way I envisioned spending an afternoon on Christmas Eve, but it turned out pretty good anyways.  Santa Claus is on his way to my house so tomorrow morning I will be rolling in the presents.  Can’t wait to see what the big guy made me this year.  Hope he put together one of those shiny new iPod Nano’s for me.  And Steve Jobs had best be paying those elves overtime this year, or Santa will give him another lump of coal.


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