Day 29 – Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

Ok, today was the start of Week 5 and time for a new DVD.  Kind of felt like Christmas all over again, getting to open a new DVD.   So in goes the Chest, Shoulders & Triceps and on comes Tony in all of his douchey glory.  So we start warming up and the camera pans to the left and holy mother of ugly sticks, what the hell is that thing?   It looks like the offspring of Dreya and Sylvester Stallone and it is working out with Tony.   And much to my horror, Tony says, this thing completed the test group with her daughter.   To much information Tony, cause now my brain is thinking “who would nail that” and “what type of creature could have possibly sprung from her loins”?  

The camera pans further left and what do we have here?  The token oriental guy thrown in to make sure the DVD’s are politically correct.  You can tell Tony has no fuckin idea who this chin is, as he calls him by the wrong name at least three times and hails him as some sort of folk hero for being a substitute teacher.  Holy crap, so this guy knows how to run the movie projector and threaten to report kids to the regular teacher when he/she gets back.  Awesome dude.

Last but not least we get to Phil the attorney.  Now this guy is built, and he pretty much acts like he would love to just grab Tony by the neck and toss him around a little bit.   There are a few times when Tony asks him to do one more rep and the guy just about clocks his ass, but no.  Probably realized he would get sued by Tony for mussing up his hair.

The workout contains all types of crazy assed push-ups with strange names.  Basically they all suck and you cannot even keep up with the offspring of Dreya and Sly much less Phil the badass.   By doing each of the push-up sets to exhaustion, you pretty much have nothing left for the ones that come at the end.  One-Armed and Clap Pushups.  I did manage to squeak out 5 one-armed and 7 clap pushups, but I paid for it my smashing my face on the carpet when I ran out of gas.   Well tomorrow is Day 30 and after I finish plyometrics it will be time to weigh-in and do measurements.   I will probably take pictures as well, I will eventually post them on the site, maybe not at day 30, but after day 90.  Not sure yet.


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