Day 30 – Plyometrics

I am getting so much better at this plyometrics shit it is amazing.  I used to be laying on the floor in a pool of sweat and puke, and now I am yelling at the TV “Is that all you got  BITCH!!!”  In a few more weeks I will be keeping up with Frog boy the leaping freak (whatever his name is).  

With Day 30 done it was time for measurements:

                Day 1          Day 30

Weight       185            178

Waist          36″             35″

Fat %        21.6%         19.75%

I did not measure arms, legs, etc…   I took some pictures and need to get them cropped and sized next to the Day 1 pictures before posting.   I lost a total of 7 pounds which is pretty good I guess, but I was thinking that I may have lost more than that.


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