Day 31 – Back and Biceps

Day 31 brings a new workout into the fold, Back and Biceps.  This is some serious weightlifting if you want to load up on the weights.  The workout has more curls than Micheal Jackson’s Afro in the 70’s, and that my friend… is a lot of curls. 

Outside of the warmup, there really is no cardio in this workout, and once you understand all of the moves, you can probably cut the time down from an hour to about 40 minutes to do the entire workout.  Of course Ab-Ripper follows, so you will get your daily dose of profuse sweating, and it does tack on another 16 minutes of time. 

Because I had not done this workout before, I did all the curls with 15lb hex weights.  I ended up doing 15 reps of everything cause it was too light.   I will move to 20’s next week and cut down to 10 reps, but I really need to get the 25lb weights and just do 8.  Got to get out and get those things purchased.   Yoga tomorrow.  My hatred of this workout has diminished some, and I intend to get through it without yelling at the TV or giving Tony the finger.


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