Day 32 – Yoga

Day 32 marks the 6th time that I have done the yoga X DVD.  Improvement has come slowly but surely.  I can now complete all of the vinyasa’s without cheating or putting the knees down.  I can do the Warrior 3 pose, but the rest of the stuff past that Half Moon and Twisting Half Moon look more like Half Assed and Twisting Half Assed when I do them.  At least now I can touch the floor with my fingertips and hands and don’t need to use the shitty cardboard box that is my Yoga block anymore.   I am hoping that by the time I have completed all 90 days of P90X and the 15 yoga sessions that are part of it, that I will be able to successfully stick my head up my own ass.

I finished up my Day 1 to Day 30 photos and quite frankly I am not the happiest of campers after looking at them.   I have removed a layer of Jello, but maybe I have a few more layers than I originally thought.  I started at 185 lbs and figured I would need to get to 165 lbs or so, Day 30 I was at 178lbs.  I have been following the diet pretty closely, but was never able to really get the carbs down to 30% for the first 30 days.  I was usually around 45% protein  40% Carbs and 15% fat.   Maybe the carbs have been more of an issue than what I thought they would be?

Phase II has the diet at 40% Protein, 40% Carbs and 20% fat.   I think I am going to still stick with the 45/40/15 that I have been doing or maybe even shoot for 45% Protein 35% Carbs and 20% fats.


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