Day 34 – Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone, for those of you just starting out on any new “Get Healthy and Get In Shape” resolutions, it is time to get started.    Today was supposed to be a KenpoX day, but that did not sound like much fun.  So I decided to put in the CardioX disk instead.  This disk is a mix of Yoga, Plyo, and Cardio and I think it is a pretty good substitute for the boring KenpoX. 

New Years eve parties are notorious for me simply stuffing my face to help sop up some of the gallons of alcohol that I have consumed.  And this year was only slightly different.  I stuck to Bud Select beer which is only like 99 calories and is really low in carbs.  Most of the food was shrimp cocktail and ham sandwiches so that was pretty good for the protein.  The total calories was pretty high with all the beer drinking, but I am not some diet psycho who refuses to eat something just because of a diet.


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