Day 36 – Chest, Shoulders & Triceps II

Today was the second time through the Chest, Shoulders and Triceps workout and I attempted to bring it a little harder this time.  I increased the weights on all of the excercises by 5 lbs per dumbell, and I was also able to increase the number of reps on all of the push-ups by at least 2 reps.  The only one I could not improve upon were the one-armed ones.  I just cannot seem to get my balance with these and ended up doing the same amount as last time before planting my face into the basement floor.   Kind of sounded like a coconut hitting a hardwood basketball floor. 

This workout is a killer on the chest.  Several times I ended up curled in the fetal position huffing and puffing and saying,  ‘ouch, ouch, ohhh shit that hurts’.  This was usually after trying to do just one more extra push up, only to have my arms collapse and my face getting squished into the carpet.   I can tell you, the carpet smells like my feet, cause I am down there with no shoes on all the time. 

Of course it was then on to AbRipperX for the 13th time in total.  I am finally getting the oblique V-ups down to the point where I can cruise through all 25 per side without to much problem.  The Pulse-ups continue to give me problems, so I do 5 then put my feet down, then 5 more, so on and so on until I get to 25.   Keeping my legs up like that just kills the lower back.   The guy in this picture looks exactly like me, without the jello layers.

Another thing about this workout,  muscle man Phil kicks ass!!!  I just love that he tells Tony to “Get out of here” when he is bugging him, and when Tony asks about the stupid ass soup, Phil says I am making Trouble Soup.  Tony gets pissed that Phil is funnier than him, and just watching Tony get pissed my friends, is funnier than anything that dipshit has ever said.


One Response to Day 36 – Chest, Shoulders & Triceps II

  1. pittnova88 says:

    you’re exactly like me on ARX. I finally get the hang of the oblique V ups…couldnt do them the first two weeks so i did side crunches (which actually 25 on each side is a good exercise) And the heels to heaven one…my heels barely make it halfway to heaven. All i care about is feeling a strain on my abs. if it doing it right.

    Glad to here you’re getting the fam involved. Always easier to do p90 when you’re talking about it all day with the people you live with. (why i cant wait to get back to school) This blog is money.

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