Day 35 – Rest or XStretch

A rest day.   My wife and daughter have decided that they want to take the P90X plunge and so today I spent some time setting them up for the hell that is Tony and his program.   First we did the measurements and fit test.  Damn,  the old lady can crank out the pushups, must be all the muscles from punching my dumb ass every time I smart off to her.   Both of them passed the fit test for the most part.  My wife only lasted 55 seconds on the wall sit, but we gave her the benefit of the doubt.   They are each doing the ‘Lean’ program that involves the Core Synergistics and CardioX disks in place of the Chest and Back and Plyometrics days.

So we set up the P90Xcel tracking spreadsheets for each of them, and then I attempted to prepare them for Tony.  I warned them that he “takes a little getting used to”.   After about 10 minutes of Core synergistics they were each already calling him names and laughing at his dark black “Helmet Hair”.    Of  course the laughing was replaced by huffing and puffing,  as once the warm up and stretch was done…. so were they.   They struggled through a few reps of each of the excercises and I warned them to start out easy and work into it slowly.  They plan to do a couple of weeks of easing into it before starting the 90 days in earnest.

So now I have 3 people in the house doing the X.  I hope they stick with it.   For everyone else who is starting the X for the new year, good luck to you as well.


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