Day 37 – Plyometrics VI

The last time that I did PlyoX,  I was talking shit about how it was getting easier and how I was screaming at the TV saying “Is that all you got!”.   Well last night I figured I would be ready for another round of Plyo and I would just kill it.   Tony the Teabagger and P90X responded with a big giant  “Bacdafugup” rookie.  Right from the start my hips and calfs were sore and I did not have the usual energy.  But for some reason Tony and crew just seemed to be able to do everything just as easily as they had the previous 5 times.  My legs wobbled and the sweat poured out, and my calfs called me everything but a white man.  My mind started to cloud over, and then finally it dawned on me…. This is a recording of the same damn session over and over.    WHAT THE HELL!!!   No wonder Tony always seems to have those same witty lines on the tip of his tongue, and all of the test subjects wear the same workout clothes each time.  My mind could not grasp the fact that Tony did not actually think of,  and repeat the same “Thats one short Uncle” knee slapper of a line each week.  Water… Water.. I need water. 

Once the sports bonus section was done and I was able to cool down and get a drink, I snapped out of it.  My mind cleared and a remembered that it was all just a DVD, not a live session with Tony and friends.  I looked around and realized I was back in my basement, not in the studio with my good buddy Tony, Peg Leg Bob,  Adam the Frog-boy, and Pam “I call her the Blam”.    Was it all just a dream???   Did I lose my memory of what happened?  How did I lose this tooth?  Why is there a tiger in my bathroom?  Whose baby is this?


2 Responses to Day 37 – Plyometrics VI

  1. Oscar says:

    “Ferris Bueller, you’re my hero!”…. I really enjoy reading your random rants. Talk about muscle confusion, sounds like Tony’s causing some brain confusion for you too!


  2. RickG says:

    Looks like I am a few days behind you on P90x. Just did Core for the first time… havent cursed that much since I did plyo for the last time. Congrats on getting your household on the program. Im still trying on this side. Keep up the good work and take pictures! You will really wish you did in the end.

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