Day 38 – Back and Biceps???

Oh shit, I think my mind has turned to mush from so much P90X.  For some reason I put in the Shoulders and Arms disk and started knocking out the workout as if it was the correct one for Day 38.   About two thirds of the way through I am writing down my results (just like Tony DEMANDS that I do) when I notice Week 9 at the top of the column.  I think to myself, huh… I am only in Week 6, this tally sheet must be wrong.  So I continue through to the end and I am real proud of myself for upping the weights/reps on almost all of the excercises, so I start keying them into the spreadsheet when I notice Week 9 at the top of the column.  What the Fuck!!! I click on the tab marked Schedule and there it is just as plain as day.  Tuesday, Jan 5th – Back and Biceps.   Awww damn.  I did the wrong workout.   I guess that when Week 9 rolls around, that I will end up doing Back and Biceps that week instead of Shoulders and Arms.  Like Tony says, improvise, change it up, you don’t have to follow us exactly.  So I won’t. 

Diet… Lets spend a little time going back over this little item.   I continue to plug along at 43% Protein, 42%Carbs and 15% Fat.   Looking back over the past 38 days, I have pretty much averaged out to 40/40/20 and was supposed to be 50/30/20 for the first 30 days, followed by 40/40/20 from then til now.   I think I have been to worried about the fat content of food instead of looking at the carbs.

Example:  I changed my breakfast up, and I am now eating cereal, OJ, and Whey Protein.   This puts me at 750 calories and a breakdown of 53% Carbs, 44% Protein, and 3% fat.  Now I have cut the fat way back, but let the carbs get to high.  The rest of the day I spend my time focusing on eating protein and as few of carbs as possible.  The cereal is high in sugar as well.  (Frosted Flakes or Fruity Pebbles, after all I am still just a kid on the inside)    I think I need to change this up some.  Our work cafeteria has scrambled eggs and even scrambled egg beaters available most mornings.  The eggs are high in protein and fat, but no carbs.    Maybe I should substitute the scrambled eggs for the cereal.  This will drive down the carbs but increase the fat..  Any idea which way is better? 

Off to Google I go.  Well guess what, no one can really answer which way is better.  They are both kind of important.   I want to try to get to 50/30/20 for the remainder of this 30 days, so I think I am going to switch the cereal for eggs.   On the good side, I have averaged 2100 total calories per day, and only 1600 net calories per day.   So I am losing the weight at a nice steady pace, but I would like to see more of the Jello come off prior to day 60 showing up.


One Response to Day 38 – Back and Biceps???

  1. Oscar says:

    Ah..I see scoot is google cat…. The company I work for Shopzilla also offers the kids the complete dining experience as well. With all the various food choices, I would imagine it wouldn’t bee too hard to substitute some oatmeal and eggs whites only for the cereal or whole eggs. There is a Chinese saying “Breakfast eat to full, lunch eat to quality, dinner eat to small”

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