Day 39 – Yoga Belly 7

According to my schedule this was the 7th time that I had been put through the torture that is known as YogaX.   Like all of the other DVD’s I am getting better at this one each time.  That does not mean that I enjoy it, but it is at least tolerable now.   Crane is the only one that I just can not do.  I manage about 10 seconds and then fall on my head.

The yoga belly 7 section of this used to really piss me off, cause I could not do it all, but I could do the AbRipper X start to finish.   Well this time I was finally able to get all the way through the Yoga Belly 7 section without taking a break.  Woo Hoo…   My flexibility has gotten somewhat better, but my lower back is still what is causing me not to be able to do some of these moves.


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