Day 40 – Whacked!!!

I woke up at about 2:30am with a stomach that felt like it was going to explode, wave after wave of nausea hit me and by 2:45am I was parked in the bathroom worshipping at the porcelain alter.   Wow (which upside down is Mom, according to our fearless dipshit P90X leader) I have not been that sick in several years.   Every joint ached, my head throbbed and despite the fact that I was wearing long pants, a t-shirt, a hoodie, and 4 blankets…. I was still shivering cold.  

It was supposed to be a Legs and Back day, but it ended up being a sleep all day with the dog curled up next to me day.  But by 7:00pm that evening, I was back to feeling good enough to get out of bed.  One good thing about being sick, I did not eat hardly anything all day for fear of puking it back up.  I think I had a total of 600 calories, and most of those were just liquids.    So it looks like my normal rest day this week will be used to make up for missing the Legs and Back today.  No rest for the fat guy.


2 Responses to Day 40 – Whacked!!!

  1. Oscar says:

    Get better dude…don’t die on us cause I don’t think your dog will do as good a job at blogging as you.

  2. pittnova88 says:

    one thought would be to just do legs and back on saturday…then kenpo on sunday. Thats what i did when i missed yoga thursdays for two weeks. That way, your shoulders/arms have an extra 24 hours of rest before the chest/shoulders/triceps workout.

    Couldnt imagine doing 8 sets of pullups on leg back day then having to do those weighted arm circles the next day.

    Feel better! I had a 24 hour bug a few weeks ago, yacked right after some groucho walks.

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