Day 42 – Kenpo X

Instead of having a rest day on Saturday, I had to continue to make up for the missed sick day.  It was time for me to break out the Kenpo X and lay whole lot of chop suey on your ass.   First I had to figure out if I was gonna bring it like the Marvin Hagler look alike guy (token black guy on the right, for some reason I cannot remember his name…. but if this were a slasher movie, he would be one of the first guys killed off) or if I was gonna slack like Wesley Idol, the very pastey looking white boy in the back who seems to sweat alot, even though he looks like he is half-assing it most of the time.

I work through all of the early warm-up and stretches.  There are lots of stretches in this workout, which is nice, cause my hamstrings always hurt the next day after this damn thing.  Anyways I get to about half way through the DVD and suddenly, all I can think about is when Mr. Chow jumps out of the trunk naked and starts Kenpo X’ing the shit out of Phil, Stu and Allen in the Hangover movie.  Now I have the overpowering urge to grab my sack and scream at the TV screen “Suck on these little Chinese Nutzzzzzzzzzzz!!! after each excercise.  

MUST STAY FOCUSED!!!!   Fight the urge to say it…. KEEP WORKING…. Oh no… I scream it out anyways “Suck on these little Chinese Nutzzzzzz!!!  As I finish the elbow series.  Now it is on to the punches section at the end, the red haired troglodyte on the left mumbles something about this being her favorite part.   My brain has disengaged from the workout and is now in full Mr. Chow mode.   “What you talkin about Willis?”  I scream in my best Chinese voice.   They pan to Wesley  “the chunk” Idol and I scream out “it’s funny because he is fat!”  I press on, punching and punching 90.. 100… 120… finally the end at 150 and it is off to cool down.  The DVD ends and I finish with a “Too-da-loo muthafuckas” and walk out of the basement.


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