Day 43 – Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

Not much new here… I think the sickness is finally wearing off of me.  Unfortunately the lower amount of calories that I have been eating is making additional progress on some of the videos harder.  I was only able to stay at the same number of reps and weights in almost all of the excercises today.   If I had done 20 push-ups last time, that is exactly where I fell on my face again this time.  (Am I the only one doing push-ups until my arms give out and I crash on my face?)   I think I need to re-evaluate that strategy, as I am ugly enough without the additional carpet marks ground into my forehead. 

I have been staying lower on the calories this week on purpose.  Seeing that I was sick a day and ate basically nothing, I figured I would go for some weight loss this week and try to stay down on the calories.  I will weight-in on Monday after the Plyo workout and see if I was able to drop some pounds.  I should because I have kept under 2000 calories each day, and just to stay at my current weight with a sedentary lifestyle required about 2600 calories a day.   

I am also creeping up on the half way mark  (Day 45 woo hoo) that will be on Wednesday.  My original goal was to drop from 185 pounds down to 165 pounds.  I need to be a least below 175 by then, as I figure it must get harder to drop the weight the further you get into this.    I have also gotten my hands on the “Insanity” workouts, these things look like killers.  My plan is to start that little bundle of joy about 2 weeks after completing the P90X workouts.  

Amazingly, my wife and daughter have both continued on with the P90X workouts.   I am not sure if they have “officially” started, or if they are simply going to count from the day they started doing what I had called “trial runs” of the DVD’s as their starting dates.   At least we all have something in common now, before when I would come up from the basement covered in sweat, I would get the stink-eye from them.  Get in the shower!!!   What are you doing down there.  That can’t be that hard to do.   But now that they are doing it, I don’t hear any of that anymore.


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