Day 45 – Halfway Home

Today was a Back and Biceps day, and it felt kind of strange to me seeing that I completely screwed up and did the Shoulders and Arms DVD last week.   Back and Biceps is really probably one of the easiest of the workouts in terms of cardio work.  But the old biceps are a burnin in just about every move.   I have been using 25 and 20 lb dumbells for all of the curls, but usually do 12 to 15 reps.    I think I would prefer to add weight and do less reps, but I don’t have any bigger dumbells right now, and I really don’t feel like dropping $50 or so on a set of 30lb hexs. 

With it being the halfway point in the 90 day transformation, I thought it would be a good time to weigh in and take some measurements.   I have really been keeping the calories down, and have stuck to the 40/40/20 diet in phase II.  I have actually been more like 45/45/10.   On to the measurments.

Weight:  174  –  That is a loss of 11 pounds since Day 1.

Waist: 34″  –  That is a loss of 2 inches since Day 1.

Body Fat:  17.5%  – That is a drop of 4% since Day 1.

I seem to be on a good pace for my target weight of 165 and a waist of 32″ by the end of the 90 days.    Those measurements would put me at about 13% body fat.  According to most people, that is not low enough for 6-pack abs, but I think if I got much lower than that I would look like a scarecrow.  Another layer of the jello appears to have been taken off, but there are still a few more layers to go.

15 more days before the next set of comparision pictures.  I have a 4 day trip to Vegas before that, so I could balloon back up into blimpie boy if I am not careful.   Stay away from the Buffet, Stay away from the Buffet, Stay away from the Buffet.   That is going to be my theme song as I am tossing the bones on the craps tables and hangin with all my 3 pack a day chinese friends at the Pai Gow and Baccarrat tables.   Drinking, Gambling, Showgirls, and Sex.  Sounds like the title for my next blog.


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