Day 46 – Cardio Recovery??

Today was supposed to be YogaX.   But I was talking to a friend at work who is also doing the P90X thing, and he was complaining about how long the Yoga DVD took.   He suggested trying the “Insanity” workout.  He gave me his “Cardio Recovery” DVD which is used in the same spot each week as Yoga is in P90X.   So I did a little more research into some people who are doing P90X/Insanity hybrid workouts and all of those people were using the Cardio Recovery instead of YogaX.  What the heck, I will give it a try.

Well first of all, Shaun T is much easier to listen to than Tony Horton.   He does not strut around trying to be the Alpha dog all the time.  I am sure after a few weeks he gets hard to listen to as well, but it was a nice change from Tony.  The Insanity disk starts out quick, and jumps from excercise to excercise rather quickly.  It assumes a better conditioned person is doing the workout, as there are not various versions demonstrated that make it easier, harder, hardest. 

This disk really seemed to focus on the Quads quite a bit in the early portions of the workout.  There is a series of low squats and lunges that are followed by long holds and pulses.  The long holds were just killer and  I could not hold some of the positions for the full time as my legs were on fire.  

There are several stretches and moves that are basically yoga in this disk, but for the most part it feels like more of a workout than the Yoga X DVD.  It reminds me more of the first 45 minutes of Yoga X, but does not repeat the same move a million times (vinyassa).   I was sweating up a storm by the time the 40 minutes was completed, about the same amount as the first 45 minutes of Yoga, the only difference was that I was finished for the evening.  With Yoga X it would have been another 45 minutes of balance postures and some Yoga Belly.

Overall I really liked the workout, but I am not sure it is an exact substitute for YogaX.  I think I see some Insanity in my future, but definately not until I finish the p90X routine.


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