Day 47 – Legs and Back

Ahhh yes, the return of Legs and Back, and with it, the smokin hot chick in the back with the teeth like chiclets.    Why does Tony the douchebag spend all of his time drooling over that very she-maleish Dreya Weber.  Dreya kind of reminds me of the Alexa character in 50 First Dates.  You cannot tell for sure if it is a guy or gal.   Here is a classic line from 50 First Dates with Tony and Dreya filling the spots of Alexa and Henry (Adam Sandler)

Now I give you 1 time opportunity

TONY: How about we do some balistic huggers?

DREYA: “Shut up, because here comes one-time-only opportunity. What I will do now is go into your office and become naked.  Next move is up to you.  I may not be as limber as I once was but I make up for it with enthusiasm and willingness to experiment. ”
TONY: “I don’t know if you realize, I’m not into guys.”

Click here to listen to the conversation:  not into guys   

Now that I have done this workout like 6 or 7 times, I really spend most of my time looking at the goofball shit that Tony and the rest of the crew are doing in the background.  I can pretty much grind my way through this one with little or no stops.   Don’t get me wrong, I still sweat like a sumo wrestler in a sauna, but I don’t have to take breaks or stop and cuss at the TV anymore.  The closet homo with the dew rag that lives on the boat only really puts out the top level effort when he thinks the camera is on him.   At one point one of the cameramen goes behind him and is filming the hot chick (probably for his own personal porn stash) and boat boy thinks he is not being filmed.  He instantly starts bagging it, shallow lunges, no curls in-between, etc…  What he does not realize is the other cameraman is filming him not the guy behind him.   Tony eventually jumps in his shit a little bit about it, but it would be a much better workout if Tony had cuffed the dude upside the head a good one and yelled “get back at it Popeye.”

Kenpo tomorrow, more Hong Kong Phooey chops, then it is rest week.   Hell yes, the return of Core Synergistics and Cardio X.   I am looking forward to the week off.  Will probably move up some of Week 8 stuff into the rest week, as I am going on a 5 day trip to Las Vegas next weekend.   Keep pressin play.


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