Day 48 – Kenpo Pairs

Today I did the Kenpo workout at the same time as my wife.  (Pretty cool that she has stuck with it thus far)   So we fire up the Kenpo DVD and I instantly start bagging on Wesley Idol for his apparent half-assed effort.   She comes to his defense and begins explaining how Tony is the complete pin-dick of the month with the way he struts around and tries to act all bad-ass.   So now it is a comparison to see who is really sandbagging it more, Tony with his “let’s check on the kids”  way of skipping out on the routine,  or Wesley whose version of a horse stance looks more like a soldier standing at attention.

As we get deeper into the DVD and Tony starts to pretend like the Red-headed troll and Wesley are actually hitting him, we both come to the conclusion that it would be best if the 3 “kids” would just gang up on Tony and tie his ass up in the middle of the room.  Then take turns using him as a punching bag for all of their Kenpo kicks and punches.  I think the ratings would go through the roof for that episode.

Anyways I was able to work through the Kenpo pretty easily, while the wife needed some breaks still.  (She is only a week or two into trying out the program)  It is more fun doing the workout with a partner, as I really seemed to try harder on all the reps and was not as willing to take the water breaks off.   Note to self, no more workouts with wife, makes you work to hard.


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