Day 49 – Rest

Day 49 fell on the Saturday of Martin Lutha da King holiday weekend.   My sons hockey team was in a tournament about 100 miles north of town and had 2 games that day.   Basically I watched hockey and went to the movies on Day 49.  The team won both games and my kid was the general pain in the ass he always is to other teams.   He is one of the smaller players on the team, but he has a mean streak about a mile deep.  If it has a puck and the wrong color jersey, he hits it.  I love hearing the other team parents scream “smoke that little guy”  and my favorite  “throw that fu^%#$ing punk in the box”.   They get even more pissed when he scores  goals and skates over to the glass to celebrate right in front of them with a big smile. 

This is the start of Recovery Week (Week 8 for those of you with the P90X schedule)  I am going to have to juggle the schedule a little bit as I am taking a trip to Vegas next weekend.   I will move the rest/x-stretch days to the travel days and move the other workouts up.


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