Day 50 – The BIG 50

Wow, 50 days down, 40 more to go.   Today was yoga and it had been a few days since I had last done the yogaX DVD because last time I substituted the Insanity – Cardio Recovery disk instead.    Well it was back to yoga today and I really am amazed at how much I have improved at this shit.   I can now HAMMER through all of the Plank, to Chattaranga, to upward dog, to push-up, to downward dog, to whatever pretzel like move follows next.   I can do pretty much all of them now.  I can even get into Warrior 3 and do the Half-Moon  (which involves me pulling my shorts down half way and pressing my ass against the TV so Tony can kiss it)  The twisting half moon still causes me to fall over every once in a while, and my leg gets super sore after about 20 seconds.  If I use my shipping box/yoga block I can hold the Twisting Half Moon for the entire time.  (But the block feels like cheating to me)

Anyways I will join the hundreds of other P90Xer’s that complain that the yoga DVD is just to damn long.  I hate spending 90 minutes of my day on it.  Even once I finish (and I skip the holy horseshit at the end) I still think it is too long of a workout.   Going forward, I think I am going to do the first 50 minutes of the yoga (moving stuff) and then skip forward to Yoga Belly 7, then call it DONE.   Fuck the balance postures, that is why they make canes and walkers for us old people.


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