Day 51 – Core Synergistics

It is Monday the 18th of January, and the Martin Lutha da King holiday.   Holiday my ass, I had to go to work today.   Well the kids hockey team is in the Semi-finals of his tournament this morning, would be nice to go see the games, but I am working and getting text updates from those in attendance.   They win the semi-final, the punk has a goal and an assist, as well as a penalty or two for roughing.   Standard stuff for him.   So the championship game is this afternoon at 3:30pm.  Now I am going to have to burn some vacation time to go see the game.  So I drive the 2 hours up to the finals game.    I generally stand by myself down by the offensive side glass when I watch his games because hockey parents in the stands are fucking idiots.  Even on your own team all they do is talk shit about this kid and that kid behind each others back.   Pass it, Shoot it, my kid is open, ahhh, SHUT THE FUCK UP.  Strap on some skates and go play, otherwise SHUT THE FUCK UP.   OK enough of that rant.

They end up winning the game 4 – 1 and my little punk ends up with a goal and an assist as well as 2 roughing penalties. (no surprise there)   Now I have to drive the 2 hours back home and check the P90X Schedule.  Core Synergistics?  My favorite.   The only thing that could make this better would be if Dreya shit her pants while doing the famous Dreya roll and the brown stain showed through her shorts.   No such luck tonight though.   It is nice to see Pam the Blam though and we do a nice workout together.   That Core Syn stuff really gets you sweating.   I love the Plank to Chatturanga runs and Plank to Chatturanga ISO’s.  I can do more Prison Cell Push-ups than O.J. Simpson.

Recovery week is in full swing and I have Kenpo tomorrow.   I hope the Hong Kong Phooey Pajamas that I ordered off of E-Bay show up today.  These things look sweet, and I am gonna kick some bad guy ass!!!


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