Day 53 – No Rest for You!!!

According to my schedule, today was supposed to be Rest or XStretch.  Because I am taking a little vacation this coming weekend, I thought I would kick the rest day up a notch and try out another one of the Insanity DVD’s.   Todays choice  –  Core Cardio and Balance.     Here is what this workout entails:

  • Switch Heel Kicks
  • Mummy Kicks
  • Side-to-Side Football Shuffles
  • Log Jumps
  • 8 High Knees / 8 Power Jacks (and repeat)
  • 8 Fast Feet / 8 Hooks (and repeat)

Then you get a water break followed by several stretching moves.  Then the workout begins.

  • Moving Ski Jumps
  • Hit the Floors
  • Level 1 Drills (do four push-ups, eight plank runs, stand up, drop down into plank position and repeat)
  • Heismans
  • 8 Switch Kicks & 8 Hop Squats
  • High Jumps
  • Moving Plank Walk (4 to the right and 4 to the left)
  • 8 Elbows & 4 Suicides
  • 4 & 4 Hops (4 hops on your right leg, 4 hops with your left leg, repeat)
  • 8 Jabs & Jumps
  • Hip Flexor Burners – (lets just call this Hips in Hell)
  • Oblique Knee Lifts
  •  Shoulder Burners – (lets just call this  “A second, longer lasting trip to Hell)

Thats it, end of workout.  The whole thing lasts about 45 minutes and I was basically drenched in sweat and my shoulders and hips were ON FIRE.   If this is the workout they use during recovery week, I am not so sure I want to see what type of hell they put you through during the regular weeks.

With the workout finished I headed over to the pool table where my Craps dice were just beggin to get a few practice throws in prior to the coming weekend.  I needed to practice my craps vocabulary anyways, so I started with a Pass Line with full odds.  Placed a Section Eight and screamed for a Horn High Yo.   Next came the $100 Hoe Down.  I called for all the Hardways and begged for a Little Joe or a Big Dick Daddy from East Cincinnati.   The dice were a rollin hot,  Give me the C and the E, Parlay that hard four,  Press up the six and the eight,  23 on a hop,  After Five… the field comes alive,  time for the 4-10 March.     I tested and tried them all, if only it had been a real craps table and not just my pool table.  I was on a real heater, 7 straight points made, stacks of play money up to the ceiling.   But just like always, eventually you crap out, or in this case the wife yells down the staircase at you  “get your ass up here and get your suitcase packed, I’m not gonna do it for ya”.   End of heater.


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