Day 54 – Core Synergistics

Moved up the Core Synergistics workout a day, so that I can take Friday as a rest day.   This is one of the better workouts and is always good to run through.   I still hate the Superman – Banana’s  it is like rolling around on the floor like a fish out of water.  Bascially I flop around and gasp for air, much like a goldfish that has jumped out of the bowl. 

The rest week is coming to a close this weekend, and I am going to try to do Chest and Back,  Plyometrics and Back and Biceps while on vacation using my Ipod to watch them.   I hope the hotels have weight rooms, otherwise I will be jumping around in my hotel room pissing off the people on the floor below me.   I was able to convert the DVD’s down to run on my Ipod Nano, which is awesome.  I use the armband and the earphones and can take the workout anywhere.  

I am a little concerned about the Diet this weekend.  I have been using Whey Protein drinks in the morning to get the Protein portion of the diet up to a higher level.   I may just take some with me or simply purchase some of the protein drinks while I am out there.   I think I can stay good with the food, it is the beer and cocktails that will be the killers.   I generally go on an all night bender or two while in Vegas so there will be at least one hangover day that just the thought of eating will make me sick.  That will keep the calories down.


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