Day 57 – Viva Las Plyo

Oh man, plyo with a hangover sucks hairy monkey nuts.   I knew getting up early the day before was gonna cost me, and it did.  I managed to hang out til 4:30am or so but finally had to call it quits.   Not sure how many beers and cocktails I had, but my body said too many.   After I got up that morning (it was still before 11am so technically you could call it morning) it was time for Plyo.

Let me tell ya, Plyo normally makes me sweat, but just not 30 seconds into it.  Apparently Bud Select and Vodka tonics will make your sweat glands more active, as I was sweating buckets just minutes into the workout.   I huffed and puffed my way through the entire thing.  It seemed to cure my hangover, as once I was finished my head no longer hurt.  I must have sweated out a gallon of pure grain alcohol, kind of like a human distillation machine.   My legs were killing me cause we walked all day the previous day, and I stood around a craps table most of the night.   Add a little Plyo on top of that and BLAM,  your legs feel like shit.

Another normal day in Vegas, check out some casinos during the day.  (Love the Red Rock and M places) Then head down to the seedier downtown area for the real action at night.   I just love downtown.  Reminds me more of the old Las Vegas where the tables are crowded, the smoke is thick, and the place is so fucking noisy you can’t hear yourself think.  The NFL playoffs were on and we watched parts of the early game while at the nicer casinos in their clean and sterile Sports Books.  Nothing against them, there are people there cheering and stuff, but its not like the downtown area.   We went down there for the second game and everywhere in the casinos, the people were screaming for the games as they played various games.  The bars were packed and people were hooting and hollering having a good time.  

Another great thing about downtown… you can walk from joint to joint if you don’t like the action at one place.  Also, they have places that offer 20x odds on craps and there are more tables open with lower stakes. (brings out the trailer trash)  Eventually we make our way back to the Golden Gate, ahh yes.  Multiple scantily clad girls dancing to ultra loud music right in the middle of the casino pit.  The way all of Vegas should be.  Once they are done dancing, they take a turn dealing blackjack.  Love it.  Real working class women. 

Eventually everyone meets back up at the Main Street Station and stumbles into the brew pub there. (I was stuck as des. driver that night)  A few are having a hard time walking straight and speaking coherently.   Nothing like pub food at 1:30am, yum.   Then it is back out into the streets for more gambling and dancing girls.  A couple hours later we meet back up at the Main Street.   Into the car and back to home base  (in this case The Orleans)   A few more hours at the tables there and time to call it a night.  Is that the sun coming up over there? I ask as I pull the drapes closed to get some sleep.   Just another day on Vegas time.


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