Day 58 – Back and Biceps???

Back and Biceps… What the??? Oh yeah, I accidentally did the wrong work out a couple weeks ago and now I need to make up for the Back and Biceps that I missed.   Good thing I was the Designated Driver last night, otherwise I never would have remembered that.  I felt fine after waking up, so I headed right down to the fitness center for a round of Back and Biceps with the peeps. 

This workout is pretty uneventful, increase some weights and added more to the strip set.   Last full day in Vegas so I really am just looking foward to getting out and hitting the tables.   Once I get cleaned up and head down to breakfast, …. OK, maybe more like late Brunch, it is off to the tables.   I start the day with a nice quick win at the Craps tables before getting pulled away to take care of some loose ends on our last day here.  

The last day always seems to zoom by and this one is no different.  The next thing you know it is 3:00am and you are thinking…. I have a 9:00am flight, should I go to bed or just pull an all nighter?   Usually this is a simple answer, pull the all nighter and sleep on the plane. But this trip my luck has turned sour the last half of the last day and I am shredding through my previous days winnings at an alarming rate.   What was looking like a nice winning trip is starting to look like a breakeven proposition.   I decide not to tap into any of my own money and just head to bed.  The wife has been winning today so let her make some money.  

Another Vegas trip is coming to a close….


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