Day 60 – YogaX – New Diet Phase!!!

Well I am now officially two-thirds of the way done.   Wooo-Hooo.   I will need to get pictures for comparison purposes.   I weighed in at 173 which is one pound heavier than a week ago, but way better than I expected after eating like a glutton and drinking like a fish the past 5 days in Vegas.

Completed the entire 90 minute marathon that is Yoga X.  Still cannot do the twisting half moon pose worth a tin shit, but can pretty much strumble through the rest of this workout while sweating like crazy.   I actually enjoy the first 50 minutes of this thing, but the balance poses are really kind of boring.   The yoga belly section that starts with 17 minutes left in the DVD is actually pretty good as well.  I turn the damn thing off when they get to the last 3 minutes though.   

I will be taking measurements and pictures tonight and will post the measurements and body fat calculations tomorrow.   I have moved down another notch on the belt so, I am probably a layer thinner on the jello by now.   I have probably worked off the strawberry, lemon and have started into the lime layer.   Another 30 days and I hope the last layer will be gone by then.

Now that I have put in 60 days, the diet switches to phase III which is 50% Carbs,  30% Protein,  20% Fat.   I am looking forward to being able to eat a little more bread and a little less chicken.   I am still planning on keeping the net calories per day down to the 1600 range if possible.   I have eight more pounds to lose to reach my goal of 165.   That is about 2 pounds per week for the last 30 days.  Not easy, but not not impossible either.


One Response to Day 60 – YogaX – New Diet Phase!!!

  1. waltm says:

    Great job at sticking with it through 60 days! I’m sure you’ll be pleased with measurements and pictures, most people see a bigger change the second and third month. Don’t get too hung up on the weight, Tony often says in his chats (do you join in on thoes?) that the weight loss and getting thinner is just a bonus to all the other great benefits of working out daily.

    Are you a Coach yet? I didn’t see a mention of that. You might consider taking on that role once your friends and family start noticing your transformation. You can find out more on my blog at and email me to discuss it if your interested.

    Either way, Keep Pushing Play! One more month then you can start over or start on P90X Plus. 😉

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