Day 61 – Legs and Back

Well now that I am into the final month of this process, I am really going to bear down and bring it the best that i can for the remaining days.  With that in mind I plodded down the stairs and checked the schedule.  Hmmmmm Legs and Back, what a good time to really start bringing it.  

What I did was upped the weights on every single one of the leg excercises from 20lb dumbells in each hand to 25lb dumbells in each hand.  So basically increased the total weight by 10 lbs for each excercise.   Individually it was not that much more difficult, but cumulatively I began running out of gas the further I got into the workout.   I got that wobbly fatigue feeling at about the 20 minute left mark and really could not shake it the rest of the way.  Some light headedness set in after that, but I just pressed on while trying not to fall on my face or stumble into the big screen TV down there. 

The more light headed I got, the more hilarious Tony seemed to get.  The same old dipshit lines that used to cause me to retch and roll my eyes, had me smiling like Karl from Slingblade at a roast chicken and cheesey tater dinner.  UmmmHummm   Next thing you know I am mumbling something about calling the police cause ” I dab near cut his head clean off,  UmmmHmmm”  

Once the workout was over and I got a couple of sips of water, my mind started to clear up.  On to Ab-Ripper X….  You know, it seems like every time I do the Ab Ripper, there is some other excercise that causes me to double over in pain.  Usually it is Heals to Heaven, or as I call it, “Go to Hell Tony you fricken dipshit”.  But this time it was the Leg Climbers of all damn things.  For some reason I was cramping up on those things, basically that excerscise acts  like a little break before the Mason Twists come along to pop you a good one in the nuts.  

The increase in the weights must have really been better than I thought, cause I slept like a baby last night.  Did not want to get out of bed this morning either.   If I have 29 more days like that, I had damn well better be ripped.   By the way, took the pictures and there is more improvement, I will try to create a Day 1, 30, 60 side by side of all the different pictures and get them posted.   I also did a remeasurement of the waist and neck for body fat calculation.   Waist was at 33.5 and neck 15 so plugging that into the calculator came up with about 16.5% body fat.   Still have a way to go.  According to the calculator, I would have to get down to a 30.5 inch waist to achieve 10% body fat.  I don’t think that is going to happen in the next 29 days.   We will see…


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