Day 62 – Kenpo

This weeks Kenpo was a really good workout as I used the 2.5 lb softgrip dumbells during the entire thing.  This made the workout that much more difficult and boy were my arms tired after finishing.   For some reason this workout really bothers my hamstrings and they were already starting to feel sore as I was going through the kick section.   For anyone out there who is complaining that this workout is not tough enough, maybe you are not putting the full effort into it.   I know that I felt that way as well, but this week I really focused on working every second and by adding in the hand weights, it was a very good workout.

Now last time I did the Kenpo workout, I could have swore that Tony yells out “In the Butt” while performing the High sword/low hammer move.  So this time I was careful to listen and sure enough with about 22:51 remaining in the work out, it sure sounds like Tony screams out “In the Butt!!!”   I am not sure if he is dreaming about Wesley Idol or if he accidentally slipped while trying to say ” In the Gut”, but either way he appears to have a guilty look on his face.  Kind of like he just got caught with a bottle of Jergens hand lotion and a box of Kleenex in his room.

I also managed to get the Day 60 pictures taken.  I need to get them cropped and compared to the Day 1 and Day 30 shots.   If I finally start to show some improvements, I may actually post some of them.   This is some stubborn Jello I have layered on me.  Must be made from real horse hoofs.


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