Day 65 – Plyometrics

Today marked the 8th time that I have completed the Plyometrics DVD from start to finish (I also did it a couple of times prior to my official start date).   What used to just completely wipe me out, I can now buzz through without even taking the breaks.  Basically I sip some water and keep moving with jump ropes or jumping jacks.   I do not have a heart rate monitor so I don’ t know exactly if I am staying in the suggested zone the entire time.   Amazing what 10 weeks of eating better and sticking with the program will do.    According to my schedule, I will be doing Plyometrics two more times before the end of my 90 day journey.   This kind of makes me sad, cause it is one of my favorite workouts.

On to Back and Biceps today, 25 days to go…..


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